About AppFuse Web Modules

AppFuse Web Frameworks: JSF, Spring MVC, Struts 2 and Tapestry.

Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
AppFuse Common Web Module Common web files (images, stylesheets, scripts) and Java classes (listeners and filters) used by all web frameworks. This module is not meant to be included in a project utilizing AppFuse. It's designed to be used internally by AppFuse only.
AppFuse JSF Module JSF Module for AppFuse: includes Mojarra, PrimeFaces and PrettyFaces.
AppFuse Spring MVC Module Spring MVC Module for AppFuse: includes Spring MVC, Display Tag and Spring Modules for validation.
AppFuse Struts 2 Module Struts 2 Module for AppFuse: includes Struts 2 and Display Tag.
AppFuse Tapestry Module Tapestry Module for AppFuse: includes Tapestry with Spring and Flash messages support.
AppFuse Wicket Module Wicket Module for AppFuse.
AppFuse GWT Module GWT Module for AppFuse: includes GWT, gwt-bootstrap, PhoneGap. Include this module in your dependencies if you want to use GWT as your web framework.