AppFuse Maven Plugin

This plugin provides code generation and other utilities for AppFuse projects. See the FAQ if you're having issues running this plugin.

Goals Overview

The AppFuse Maven Plugin has several goals.

  • appfuse:gen-model: Generates Java classes from database tables.
  • appfuse:gen: Generates and installs Tests, DAOs, Managers, Controllers and Views based on POJOs.
  • appfuse:remove: Removes artifacts installed appfuse:gen.
  • appfuse:full-source: Converts AppFuse basic projects to full-source with no AppFuse dependencies. Also renames packages to match your project's groupId.
  • appfuse:copy-templates: Copies FreeMarker templates for CRUD generation into src/test/resources/appfuse. These templates can be customized to fit your needs. You can delete the templates you don't customize and the default templates will be used instead.

    For a full list of goals, see available goals.


Instructions on how to use the AppFuse Maven Plugin can be found here.


You can customize the templates used for CRUD generation by copying the ones you want to override into your project. Since version 2.0.2, you can run "appfuse:copy-templates" to copy them into your project. If you're using a version prior to 2.0.2, please see Customizing AMP Templates.